Roger Corman: Marvel Could Improve by Following James Cameron’s Tactics of ‘Story Comes First’

Regarding the MCU, Corman said that “with Marvel, it sometimes feels like the special effects are the stars, and the story, honestly, can be filler between the great effects.”

Roger Corman, a renowned director of B-movies, has formally joined the Marvel discussion.

Because he once had “an option with Marvel to do one of their films, with Orion,” the 96-year-old director and producer acknowledged to Paste that he has a “slightly unpleasant response, to be honest,” toward the MCU. Corman acknowledged that he had notes for how Marvel may improve its work. Corman is currently in a semi-retired state and is working on a remake of “Little Shop of Horrors” for Paramount.

“I truly believe that they are quite nicely produced, and the special effects are amazing. They’re good images, in my opinion,” Corman said. But if I have a complaint about them, it’s that… When you watch a big-budget effects film from Jim Cameron, who started with me, you always understand that the story comes first and the special effects are only there to aid the tale. In contrast, with Marvel, the script can occasionally feel like filler in between the amazing effects, giving the impression that they are the stars.

As Corman put it, “It could be better if they took Jim’s lead and worked more on their stories.”

Corman, who was accustomed to small budgets, remembered how he first invested $35,000 in “Little Shop of Horrors.”

The cost of the new one is around $8 million. The script is still being worked on, Corman continued, “We’ve gone through two or three authors and I think the third has finally hit the target.”

To compete with the MCU, James Cameron’s own “Avatar” universe is making a comeback on the big screen. The budget of James Cameron’s “Avatar: The Way of Water,” which premieres in theaters on December 16, is said to range from $250 to $600 million.

Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola, two former Corman partners, have previously criticized Marvel for being similar to “theme parks.” Since Marvel movies are “not film” and don’t “transfer emotional, psychological feelings to another human being,” Scorsese claimed he makes an effort to avoid seeing them.

Later, Coppola concurred, saying, “Martin Scorsese is correct when he claims that the Marvel movies are not films; we want to learn something from movies, to get something—some enlightenment, some knowledge, some inspiration. The “Godfather” filmmaker said, “I don’t know if anyone gets anything out of watching the same movie over and over again. “Martin stated it’s not a movie in a kind way. He didn’t mention it was disgusting, which I already have said is.

James Cameron, Marvel, and Roger Corman are all mentioned in this article on movies.

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