The Batman 2 Can Pay Off The Dark Knight’s Best Sequel Tease

While The Dark Knight Rises failed to live up to The Dark Knight’s perfect rogues’ gallery tease for a sequel, The Batman 2 did.

The Batman 2, more than ten years after The Dark Knight, can satiate Nolan’s biggest villain’s sequel tease. Batman returned to his investigative roots in The Batman, Zack Snyder’s first standalone Batman movie since The Dark Knight Rises, after pairing him up with other heroes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Many Batman themes and characters can still be adapted, even if The Batman depicted a younger Bruce Wayne in the second year of his vigilante career.

The earlier years of Batman’s career were a major theme in Nolan’s Batman movies prior to The Dark Knight Rises’ eight-year time leap. Creating an origin story for the character in Batman Begins, which combined aspects from comic books like Year One with fresh concepts, inspired the sequel, The Dark Knight, to be distinct from other superhero movies. The Dark Knight established that it was possible to incorporate other genres, such as crime thrillers, into a superhero adventure, and it continues to serve as a barometer for success for comic book adaptations today. In addition to the writing and directing, Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker, a version of the character that perfectly fits into Nolan’s realistic reality, contributed significantly to The Dark Knight’s popularity.

The Batman’s Riddler vs. Dark Knight’s Joker: Who Is The Better Villain?

That being said, Joker’s unpredictable actions and theatrical use of them were crucial in transforming Nolan’s realistic world into one that could exploit Batman’s rich mythos of supervillains while still remaining based in reality. The line proves this point “This city needs criminals of a higher caliber. I’ll give it to them as well “. A phrase from the Joker near the end of The Dark Knight may be read as a direct hint about how the Joker would continue to cause mayhem in Gotham and draw more outlandish villains to the city. That is one way that Nolan’s third Batman movie could have addressed any of the character’s other well-known villains, such as the Riddler or The Penguin. However, Nolan opted not to include any references to the Joker in The Dark Knight Rises after Heath Ledger passed away, thus that plan was abandoned. The Batman 2 may fulfill the “better class of criminals” tease that the Dark Knight trilogy was unable to, although taking place in a different environment than The Batman.

How Joker’s Plan Set Up The Dark Knight Sequel

One of the key themes of The Dark Knight was how, despite all the good that Batman was doing in Gotham, his influence will have unfavorable effects. Many of Gotham’s criminals became so desperate that they had to cooperate with the Joker when Batman and later Harvey Dent exposed organized crime by eliminating Falcone in Batman Begins. Joker, who was referenced by The Batman, was obviously not interested in serving as a hired gun for the mob, and he ultimately made things worse for Salvatore Maroni and his associates. The Joker effectively defeated the city’s mob by making Gotham a war zone and obtaining Lau and the money. He could therefore claim that he would introduce a more superior kind of criminals to Gotham, ones who were not motivated by a desire for financial gain. As a result, The Dark Knight provided the ideal pretext for antagonists from the third movie to come without undermining the feeling of reality Nolan had established.

Why The Dark Knight Rises Couldn’t Pay Off The Dark Knight’s Ending

Arkham Asylum and the Joker would need to be included in The Dark Knight Rises for the rogue’s gallery tease from The Dark Knight to make sense. Following Heath Ledger’s passing, Nolan made the early decision to remove the Joker from The Dark Knight Rises, and without him, it would have been challenging to depict how the villains’ deeds influenced a new class of criminals in Gotham. The specifics of Nolan’s original concepts for the third installment of the Dark Knight trilogy remain a secret to this day, but nonetheless, The Dark Knight Rises turned out to be more of a reference to Batman Begins than to The Dark Knight. The effects of Harvey Dent’s passing and Batman’s transformation into a public adversary were still felt throughout The Dark Knight Rises, but Bane, the League of Shadows, and Ra’s Al Ghul’s legacy took center stage. The only new Batman antagonist portrayed in The Dark Knight Rises, other than Bane and Talia Al Ghul, was Catwoman, and she played more of an anti-hero than an antagonist role.

How The Batman’s Ending Can Pay Off The Dark Knight’s Rogues Tease

Similar to what transpired in Nolan’s first two Batman movies, Gotham’s mob suffered greatly after Carmine Falcone and his elaborate scheme were revealed by the Riddler in The Batman. The majority of Gotham’s criminal activity was being held together by Falcone, and his death puts the city in danger of turning into a lawless wasteland. Furthermore, the Riddler’s deluge will generate a state of public catastrophe in Gotham, making Batman’s task of reestablishing order extremely challenging. A new class of criminals is also emerging in the city thanks to The Batman.

The Batman Theory Claims “Vengeance” Line Teases The Dark Knight’s Future

Following Falcone’s passing, Gotham now faces a power vacuum, and Batman has already hinted at a number of villains who could profit from the situation. The Joker exists and has a past with Batman, the Riddler has survived and is now in Arkham, and Colin Farrell’s Penguin is free and aware of Gotham’s criminal underground. The Batman is the ideal prelude to a sequel where Gotham is home to a “better class of criminals,” as The Dark Knight first hinted in 2008. With several of Batman’s most recognizable villains introduced and a city that is no longer ruled by Carmine Falcone and the mob, Batman has the perfect setup for this. In contrast to Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, Matt Reeves’ Batman franchise will grow through spin-offs and may mark the start of a Batman universe that will allow for the thorough exploration of the characters’ mythos.

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