Don't buy an Apple Watch Series 3 in 2022

There are many reasons to steer clear of the Apple Watch Series 3 if you’re in the market for a new Apple Watch, and only a few compelling ones to actually get one.

Although the Apple Watch Series 3 debuted in 2017, it is still available for $199 today. It’s acceptable to keep an older model on the market at a lower price, but the Apple Watch Series 3 has outlived its usefulness.

Why not buy the Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 is a bad investment in 2022 for a variety of reasons.
One of them is that the wearable’s current software will no longer be supported later this year.

Apple formally affirmed that an Apple Watch Series 4 or later is required for the watchOS 9 software update when it released the compatibility list for the update at WWDC 2022.

However, its storage capacity is one of the main deterrents. There are only 8GB of internal storage on the Apple Watch Series 3. That doesn’t sound like a problem if you don’t intend to load any songs, apps, or other information onto your watch.

However, all Series 3 owners struggle with the shortage of storage. The Series 3 can’t manage the size of the latest software upgrades, so users must unpair their watches and delete all of their data before installing one. That is a pointless headache.

Of course, the Apple Watch Series 3’s chipset is obsolete and its feature set lags behind more recent watches given that it is also almost five years old. A variety of popular and practical Apple Watch features, including ECG, fall detection, and other complexities, are absent from the Series 3. Other areas of it also show their age. For instance, it’s actually Apple’s final remaining 32-bit product.

Buy the Apple Watch SE instead

We said in March that Apple should discontinue the Apple Watch Series 3. The likelihood that Apple will take this action in 2022 is increasing. Until the model is no longer for sale, though.

If you’re considering buying a wearable for the first time, the Apple Watch Series 3 may seem alluring. After all, spending more than $300 on something you’re not even sure you’ll like doesn’t seem wise.

However, we still advise against purchasing the Apple Watch Series 3. The Apple Watch SE is definitely worth the extra $70 if you anticipate owning the device for several years, which is a sensible assumption to make. It is listed as compatible with watchOS 9 and includes an upgraded processor and greater storage.

Even if it is more expensive, it might not be by $70. A 40mm Apple Watch SE in Starlight cost $229 as of this writing on Discounts are generally typical, albeit they are not always offered on the most recent Apple Watch models at independent stores.

You might want to think about purchasing a reconditioned Apple Watch directly from Apple in addition to third-party merchants. In this method, you can save money on a more recent model. Apple Watch Series 7 units are currently selling for just a little bit over $300. As an alternative, you might be able to buy slightly less expensive used or refurbished Apple Watch Series 4 or Series 5 units.

This suggestion might be different if the Apple Watch Series 3 were less expensive. But at $200, it’s simply not a purchase that makes sense right now.

If you’re set on a Series 3, buy used

In 2022, there are very few half-decent justifications for purchasing an Apple Watch Series 3. Even then, you ought to purchase it used. The Apple Watch Series 3 might be a good first wearable for a toddler or an older family member, despite its drawbacks and the fact that it’s nearing the end of its useful life.

It makes for a useful trackable wearable if you get a model with cellular capabilities.

Additionally, you might utilize the Apple Watch Series 3 as a “beater” gadget for situations were wearing something on your wrist is likely to result in damage. Even if you already own a second “primary” Apple Watch, the Series 3 will still sync your iPhone with information about your activity.

There aren’t many reasons to purchase the Apple Watch Series 3 — especially at full price — except for those or possibly a more inventive motivation. Maybe you can locate it for a reasonable price on a third-party marketplace, on Apple’s website for refurbished products, or from a local vendor.

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