Top 10 Interesting Facts About The USA

The USA is a very large and fascinating place to explore. There aren’t many nations that cover thousands of kilometers, have frigid and tropical temperatures all in one location, and still have room for tons of intriguing facts.

The whole nation has a lot to see, from the Florida coast to famous cities like New York and San Francisco. What makes the USA, well, the USA is its enormous diversity of civilizations, magnificent natural scenery, and intriguing facts.

There are always some fairly intriguing statistics to know, regardless of whether you reside in the United States, are there for the first time, or have been there a gazillion times. Every time I go to the United States, I swear, I learn something new, therefore I had to share a few interesting facts with you.

Check out some of the USA’s most fascinating trivia and oddball activities.

1.) New York was once New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam was the name given to the Dutch outpost in Manhattan before New York became, well, New York. Only when the intrusive English took it in the 17th century did New York receive its current name. The Name, New York served as a monument to the Duke of York, who assisted in its capture.

Today, the locations of New Amsterdam’s 1653 “wall” are still marked with plaques. Undoubtedly a fascinating fact, and it happened on Wall Street.

2.) There’s a palace made totally out of corn

Yes, you can go to a real-size corn palace in the United States. Although it seems like the stuff of stories, I can guarantee you that it is real. When I saw it in person, I found it difficult to believe. A palace where you might be able to eat, sort of.

I’m not sure if it compares favorably in terms of scale, but it does with kernels. 

3.) The Statue of Liberty speaks French

Okay, I’m kidding, but the Statue of Liberty was actually given to the United States by the French in 1886. The Statue of Liberty, arguably the most famous representation of the United States, is a must-see landmark in New York.

Interestingly, three years later, the US decided to send a slightly scaled-down Statue of Liberty to France as a gift. This is currently visible standing proudly at Paris’ Pont de Grenelle. Perhaps the American version has a New Yorker accent? The unknown!

4.) The Liberty Bell is from London

The Liberty Bell, which is still standing and is one of the USA’s most iconic symbols of independence, is still there for us to see. You may find out more about American independence and other topics at the Liberty Bell Center in Pennsylvania.

The Liberty Bell was actually crafted in the same facility where Big Ben was built in London, which is an interesting and rather rare fact. Both bells were produced by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, one of the world’s oldest privately owned bell manufacturers. Make sure you travel to London if you want to visit the Whitechapel Bell Foundry today.

5.) There’s a shop inside a dinosaur’s tummy

The original purpose of the Dinosaurs of Cabazon was to draw guests to a restaurant. They are now a sight to behold in their own right. These corny dinos are a sentimental relic of the 1970s.

Even today, you may see the dinosaurs and shop inside Dinny the dinosaur’s stomach.

6.) The Golden Gate Bridge never stops getting a makeover

Informative San Francisco facts. Did you know that one of the most recognizable man-made structures on the west coast, the Golden Gate Bridge, has undergone constant renovations? Particularly from the Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point, it’s a breathtaking location to view.

The bridge literally never stops getting painted because of its vastness, and it constantly gives itself a small makeover for us all to enjoy.

7.)You can find lots of secret spots in New York

Beautiful locations like City Hall Station exist beneath the walkways, albeit you can’t always access them. There are several hidden nooks and lanes across the entire city.

You’ll discover a treasure trove of fresh and undiscovered New York locations to discover if you just scratch the surface of the city.

8.) London Bridge is in Arizona

This was the case nearly 200 years ago, but don’t things evolve through time? When Lake Havasu, Arizona, learned that London Bridge was available for auction in the 1960s, they decided to submit a bid to have it brought to their city. At the time, Lake Havasu was looking for a new bridge. Who wouldn’t desire those recognizable towers and opening arches, after all?

Wrong! That is London’s Tower Bridge. McCulloch, who purchased the bridge, is said to have mistaken it for Tower Bridge. However, he categorically refuted this. Regardless, London Bridge is now contently seated in Arizona. Definitely less rain and fog!

9.) The USA has the longest cave system in the world

Kentucky has some amazing natural locations to discover if you just scratch the surface. For instance, the Mammoth Cave National Park is a fantastic destination to explore and really features the world’s longest cave system.

Just remember to bring some comfortable walking shoes.

10.) Hawaii is the only archipelago state

Hawaii is a volcanic archipelago that is breathtakingly gorgeous. consisting of various islands, each of which is charming in its own way. It’s interesting to note that it’s the only US state entirely composed of islands.

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