Top 10 Most Beautiful Places In The Philippines

Along with being accessible and inexpensive, the Philippines has a large English-speaking population. There are still a ton of undiscovered treasures in the Philippines, even though some of the top tourist destinations are more popular. These 15 locations in the Philippines are among the most stunning in the world, taking into account both of them:

1. Bohol / Chocolate Hills

One of the most famous places and natural wonders in the Philippines is Bohol’s Chocolate Hills. You will be in awe of the geological structure of the chocolate hills, which will be even more apparent at sunrise or sunset! There are more than 1,260 hills that roll into the distance; during the wet season, the grass turns brown and lends the hills their name. The hills are covered in luxuriant greenery. One of the most distinctive sceneries in the Philippines, if not the entire world, must be this one.

2. Batad

Luzon is the part of the Philippines with the most mountains. While the majority of tourists come to this area to see the UNESCO-recognized Banaue rice fields, the Batad rice terraces are also deserving of UNESCO recognition and are located about 30 minutes north of Banaue. Visitors can stroll through the rice fields, explore a spectacular waterfall, and climb up to the lookout for breathtaking views of the terraces all while being perched dramatically against a backdrop of lush grass.

3. Boracay

The appropriately called white beach on Boracay island, a 4 km strip of snow-white sand that was once awarded “the best beach in the World,” is a must-see for beach lovers seeking turquoise waters, and white powder sands, and a taste of the high life. Visitors to Boracay can board a boat that ferries tourists to the island between the hours of 5 am and 9 pm by arriving at the Caticlan jetty. The daily schedule consists of beachside breakfasts, oceanfront water sports, cliff jumps, inflatable playgrounds, bar crawls, and gorgeous sunsets.

4. Coron

The town of Coron is charming, adorable, and a refuge for travelers eager to satisfy their diving itch. It is recognized as the shipwreck diving center of the Philippines, if not the entire world. The town is teeming with dive shops, tour operators, and tourists eager to see the Sulu sea from above and below. With granite formations that pierce the surface and penetrate the sky, Coron must have some of the world’s clearest water.

5. Sangat Island

Jump on a speedboat and schedule a jet ski tour through the thick mangroves and clear blue seas on the South Eastern Cusp of Coron for a unique experience just 20 minutes from the activity and noise of Coron town. This genuinely exclusive and unique area of paradise is surrounded by high limestone cliffs, rich vegetation, and coconut palms. For those who are prepared to take the short boat ride, an adrenaline-fueled adventure awaits.

6. Snake Island, El Nido

One of the busier locations on the list, Snake Island is nonetheless well worth mentioning. El Nido is a tourist haven that offers quaint bars, eateries, and island-hopping opportunities so that visitors can explore the lagoons, caverns, and uninhabited beaches. Dive or explore one of the region’s numerous famous sites, such as Snake Island, Commando Beach, or Secret Lagoon (pictured). Instead of getting on a tour boat, grab a kayak and row, row, row your boat to one of the numerous hidden beaches tucked away in the karst environment.

7. Bantayan Island

Still a hidden gem that is far off the usual route. If you want to discover powdery, unspoiled white sand beaches, local cafes, fish markets, and yes, skydiving, the locals will welcome you into their guesthouses with open arms. Why not combine an off-the-beaten-path trip with an adrenaline-fueled one too? Skydiving is only possible in Bantayan, the only means and actual location in the Philippines to trying it. Cycling between the two major cities at opposite ends of the island provides you a taste of local culture and lots of beverage breaks along the way if you’d prefer to stay on solid ground. You may easily take a bus from Cebu City to Hagnaya Port and then board a ferry to the island.

8. Romblon

Romblon Island, Sibuyan Island, Carabao Island, and Tablas Island are breathtakingly gorgeous with sandbanks that extend as far as the eye can see. On the remote beaches, lookout sites, and off-the-beaten-path waterfalls there, you’ll see more locals than tourists! Visit Bonbon Beach’s sandbars, where the slither of sand will leave you dumbfounded as you wander and converse for however long the tide permits!

9. Siargao Island

Siargao Island, now known as one of the best places to catch waves and satisfy your surfing habit, offers a variety of adventures, such as island hopping to “Naked island,” rock pools, caving in Tayangban, and beaches with piers for sunsets and bars with karaoke. A lengthy journey would be worthwhile just to explore and enjoy all there is to see and do there!

10. Mt. Pulag

A journey to Luzon would not be complete without climbing Mount Pulag, the island’s highest mountain, which is relatively unnoticed but unquestionably one of the best adventures in the Philippines. To get to the starting point, a small local mountain town where trekkers can overnight with a local family before setting out at 2 am on the 4-6 hour journey, hop in a Jeepney at Baguio City and ride to 2,400m above sea level. Pulag’s Peak, known as the “sky of clouds,” is the final stop. Enjoy the highest point in the Philippines in the early morning light as the sun rises majestically over the sky of clouds that are dissipating below. With rolling hills, greenery, and wildlife, the journey back to the settlement is as magnificent. With its undulating hills, diverse wildlife, and clean mountain air, the hike back to the village is as beautiful.

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